Founded in 1986, Campbell - Shaw, Inc. (CSI) is a California corporation and CSI Multimedia is its division of Multimedia (sound, video, lighting and Projection) Consultants, Designers, Dealers and Integrators.

In 1990, CSI Multimedia began consulting to theaters, churches and schools regarding the unique challenges associated with lighting, sound and projection systems in theaters, sanctuaries, gymnasiums and on athletic fields. Most theaters have no provision for modern projection systems and/or do not possess the newer technologies, such as DMX controlled color changers and moving lights. In sanctuaries and gymnasiums, quite often the open space does not allow for hanging lights, speakers and or projection systems. Sound is difficult to control due to the hard surfaces and open space. Projectors must be bright enough and visible to all. On fields, sound must be controlled and contained while still being intelligible and exciting. All-weather sound systems like the ones at theme parks and in Las Vegas are replacing the traditional bull horns

When delivering your message, your audience must be able to see, hear and understand. The environment must be conducive for them to pay attention and focus; therefore, they must not be distracted by competing noises, poor sound or lighting. Our specialty is taming difficult environments. From concept through execution, CSI Multimedia offers the ultimate and final solution. CSI Multimedia sends attendees to all major industry conventions and keeps abreast of industry publications in order to be aware of the latest and best technologies and manufacturers. CSI Multimedia maintains dealerships with the top suppliers for our integrated solutions.

Take the time to browse our site, visit our technical info page and download articles that help explain the science behind what we do and how we do it. Don't forget to check out our services and products page where you'll find state-of-the-art equipment we use in our designs and

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